Bird Netting

Bird netting is a very effective and efficient approach you can employ to keep birds away from your residential or commercial buildings. It prevents access to certain sections of your property, safeguarding architectural elements, aesthetic features, and any areas where birds might nest. The birds can’t enter the protected area yet are not in any way harmed.

The netting is available in a variety of gauges, specifically made to exclude various species of birds and in different colors, enabling it to better integrate into the design of the building to provide bird protection without sacrificing aesthetics.

Bird netting services are crucial since birds can cause health issues, including asthma, infections, and allergies, through their droppings and feathers. In addition to transmitting numerous ectoparasites to humans and animals, bird droppings can also damage equipment and property. This is particularly dangerous for anyone with a compromised immune system. You can prevent such health hazards by using Vina Specialist’s bird netting services.

At Vina Specialist, we offer professional bird netting services that will help ensure birds aren’t a nuisance on or around your property, whether they’re causing damage to it or are merely pests inside buildings.

Bird infestations are most likely to happen in roosting areas, which include beams, ledges, sidewalls, pipework, exposed iron, and structures housing compressors/condensers. To keep birds away, you can hire a specialized bird netting company, like Vina Specialist, to block off those areas. By doing so, you can save expensive maintenance costs and downtime.

We have vast experience installing all sorts of commercial bird netting on stadium roofs, hotels, multi-story parking lots, historic structures, and warehouse rooftops, to mention a few. Vina Specialist can keep costs down for our clients by deploying rope access teams when working on tall, multi-story structures where powered access cannot be used. Rope access eliminates the need for pricy, unattractive scaffolding.

All installations are fully guaranteed and resistant to a wide range of chemical and environmental factors.

The professional team at Vina Specialist have all the relevant certifications to carry out our netting services in a safe and effective way. If you’re interested in bird netting for your property, get in touch with us right away. A member of our team will visit your location to assess your needs.

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