Even under the best circumstances, performing corrective work to rectify poor craftsmanship is painful. Whatever the scope or complexity of your rectification needs—from recaulking sealed express joints, replacing the unusual damaged panel, to completely removing and replacing the facade—Vina Specialist has the expertise and proven skills to turn your issue into an eye-catching feature.

Compared to the installation of new projects, facade rectification is an entirely distinct discipline with its own set of challenges. We have developed a cutting-edge and effective approach to facade rectification services over many years of experience – while also being sensitive to the challenges of working on completed, occupied buildings. Our extensive portfolio of facade rectification projects has allowed us to build systems and standards that can efficiently and successfully address any scale-related façade rectification requirement.

Rectifications can range from purely aesthetic to enhancements that address structural problems and building performance and can involve a total overhaul or a simple upgrade of particular features. No matter how small or large the work may be, Vina Specialist has the necessary industry skills and knowledge to take on projects of any scale.

We take pride in offering the best possible facade rectification service. With intelligence and analytical experience, our skilled and committed team can effectively and efficiently address façade rectification and replacement problems.

Vina Specialist has a solid understanding of the construction field and can help you transform and upgrade your facade systems to fit your building needs and budget while adhering to all existing building codes and fire safety regulations.

Vina Specialist has worked on rectifying the façades of many existing buildings, assisting our clients in making corrections while meticulously documenting all new installations and improvements for their peace of mind. We aim to provide an honest, unbiased, and comprehensive approach that considers not only the façade rectification works but also occupied buildings, emergency egress, public and employee safety, access requirements, and everything else that comes with a live building.

If your interest is to rectify or upgrade your current building, Vina Specialist can help you obtain an exceptional result. Our team of experts provides unmatched support at every level of your project by utilizing cutting-edge technology and high-quality products.

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