Heat Shielding

Heat is a continuous byproduct of automotive and many industrial applications, which poses an operational risk comparable to fire. Potent heat sources like ovens, furnaces, and exhaust can pose a severe risk to life; hence, they must be utilized and navigated with great care. Shielding these heat sources and protecting those in the area is not just rational but necessary.

Unchecked heat can create a hazardous work environment for employees and neighboring equipment if it is not treated. Working on oil rigs in dangerous offshore locations can put workers’ lives at risk from heat flares and heat radiation exposure.

Heat shield cladding systems are uniquely designed to protect people and equipment from the effects of high temperatures, radiant heat, and unfavorable climatic conditions, such as offshore fields in harsh arctic conditions. Vina Specialist heat shields are specially made to shelter people and machinery from extreme heat in a range of situations. Our heat shields are essential in ensuring the safety of personnel using platforms, flare stacks, walkways, lifeboat stations, staircases, muster areas, etc.

Even while thermal blankets are effective at reducing heat transfer, there are times when a different solution is required. Vina Specialist heat shielding service is your ideal choice if you need something more robust, whether a ladder shield, fabric heat shield or the Mini ES shield type to shield your heat source to protect people or equipment.

Our heat shields have been tested to several international standards and are fire-rated according to your needs. They have no maintenance requirements and can withstand extreme heat, fire, and blast damage, so you can “fit and forget” about them for a long time.

Vina Specialist heat shields can be utilized to secure escape routes in addition to providing heat protection in an industrial environment. You can guarantee your building’s safety and structural integrity in the case of an emergency by lining important walkways, corridors, or other routes with our heat shields, keeping people safe while they flee the area. Vina Specialist has extensive experience in this field and has worked on numerous heat shield projects.

Our heat shielding solutions are available for both permanent and temporary projects. They are engineered to fit onto an existing structure or subframe and can be installed using a variety of methods depending on the situation.

Regardless of whether you work in a commercial or industrial setting, it would be best if you determine which industrial heat shielding solution is best for your particular needs. This is where Vina Specialist comes in. Our experts can advise you on the most suitable heat shielding solution depending on your building’s specifications. Our recommendations will be backed by an in-depth understanding of the latest technology and the experience acquired from many industrial and commercial heat shield installations.

Vina Specialist has the heat shield you require, whether you need it to shield your personnel and equipment from generated heat or to aid in the maintenance of your systems’ ideal working temperatures.

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