Façades often add an eye-catching uniqueness to a building’s appearance. However, they deteriorate over time as a result of exposure to the elements and various weather conditions. Failure of facade components could cause them to fall, endangering persons and property. In response, the government passed laws mandating periodic façade inspections of all buildings to identify potentially dangerous problems.

If a building is more than 13 meters tall and is more than 20 years old, it must undergo a facade inspection every seven years per the new Periodic Facade Inspection law.

At Vina Specialist, we offer professional Periodic Facade Inspection (PFI) of existing structures in accordance with current laws for preventative maintenance and repair plans.

With over ten years of technical and professional experience in structural maintenance and inspection, we can provide our clients with a thorough visual inspection to guarantee that the buildings under our inspection remain safe all through their service lives.

Our experts have conducted over (input number here) facade inspection services for property owners and managers and are well-versed in inspecting the state of building facades. The most reputable names in real estate rely on Vina Specialist’s expert inspections, and we constantly prioritize long-term collaborations and advice.

For facade inspections, rope access is a safe, effective, and affordable option, especially for reaching areas where scaffolding would otherwise be necessary. Rope access inspections are just as thorough as other inspection techniques, but they’re usually completed faster, making them a more efficient alternative overall.

Our rope access technicians are trained and certified by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association), have undergone specialized training in many areas, and can conduct the facade inspection and offer long-term solutions.

The key to early detection of deteriorating and hazardous conditions is regular facade inspections. At Vina Specialist, our highly trained experts can inspect the building’s facade and make recommendations for affordable repairs to assist it in meeting the local facade law.

In situations or settings where using other techniques and equipment could be difficult, our team is equipped to deploy and deliver effective and efficient “hands-on” inspections at a reasonable cost. Contact us today to request a quote.


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