Lighting Protection System(LPS)

Lightning storms can cause significant damage to all kinds of facilities, whether directly hit or nearby. Organizations and their customer’s data may be compromised, electrical infrastructure can be shut down, and there may be a risk to the safety of both employees and others.

Singapore experiences roughly 171 to 186 lightning days on average each year. Singapore’s land area is susceptible to up to 16 yearly strikes per square kilometer. As a result, we are arguably one of the world’s lightning capitals. A lightning strike often has a strong current of up to 200,000 amps. A 100-watt bulb, by contrast, uses around 0.4 amps of current.

Due to Singapore’s constant exposure to the elements and bad weather, the government put strict lightning protection codes in place. The law requires lightning protection for observation towers, buildings, and other structures that house people.

A lightning protection system that has been implemented correctly has a success rate of over 98% in averting lightning-related damage. An LPS installation is a tried-and-true safety mechanism that has been practiced for over a century.

Are you protected from the dangers of lightning storms? Knowing that you are well-protected can help you sleep soundly! Lightning protection is not a DIY project you should attempt alone! Best to leave it to the professionals. Let Vina Specialist install a lightning protection system on your structure and get some much-needed peace of mind.

Our knowledge of the science behind lightning strikes and innovations allows us to offer the best lightning protection materials, services, and advice to reduce the risk of damage to your assets and workers. We serve varieties of clients such as oil, chemical gas, and other industrial facilities.

At Vina Specialist, we have accumulated a wealth of experience through collaborating with our clients to offer them our expertise and services. Our client’s goals and objectives to create a safe working environment, even on rainy and thunderstorm-filled days, are exactly what we always strive to achieve, and we couldn’t be more pleased about that!

We guarantee that your site’s lightning protection complies with SS 555 Part 1 to 4: 2010 Lightning Code of Practice and SS 551:2009 Earthing Standard so as to improve safety.

Vina Specialist is known for providing total lightning protection thanks to its established track record and ever-growing list of happy clients.

We offer risk assessments, on-site surveys, and evaluations to analyze your property. These methods enable us to identify any safety risks that could be made worse by a lightning strike or electrical surge. You can integrate our lightning analyses into your annual plant shutdowns and maintenance windows.

Our professional team will outline our offerings and arrange for an on-site visit to assess your property. Next, we will customize a lightning protection plan that meets your requirements and benefits your employees, property, and assets.

Call Vina Specialist right away if your building requires lightning protection services.


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